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Eco Cleaning Brushes Bundle

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Eco Cleaning Brushes made from sustainable, renewable materials. The Eco Cleaning Brushes Bundle includes: a Dish Brush, Multipurpose Brush, Bottle Brush and a Pot Brush.

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The Eco Cleaning Brushes Bundle includes four brushes:

1 – Dish Brush. This brush has a replaceable head and a hook on the handle that can be used for hanging.

2 – Multipurpose Cleaning Brush. Great for cleaning vegetables, such as potatoes, but can also be used for general cleaning tasks in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. The brush has a softer bristled side and a harder bristled side.

3 – Bottle Brush. Fantastic brush for getting into the tricky nooks and crannies of bottles.

4 – Pot Brush. Perfect for removing stuck food from the bottom of pots and pans.


– Made from sustainable, renewable materials.

– Plastic-free.

– Biodegradable.

– Ergonomic designs that are comfortable to hold.

– 100% vegan.

Product care:

– Brushes can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Don’t clean the brushes in a dishwasher.

– After use, air-dry with bristles facing down. For best results, dry in a well-ventilated space or in the sun.

– Store in a dry place.

– Don’t leave the brushes submerged in water for long periods of time.

Made from:

– Bamboo.

– Sisal fibres (bristles).

– Coconut fibres (bristles).

– Stainless steel.


РDish Brush. 233 mm total length (hook/eyelet for hanging, handle and bristles). Handle length: 140 mm (not including hook/eyelet for hanging). Diameter (spread) of bristles end: 55 Р60 mm (as new and unused).

– Multipurpose Cleaning Brush. 45mm height (handle and bristles). Handle length: 135 mm. Handle width: 55mm at widest part of oval-shaped handle.

– Bottle Brush. 233 mm total length (handle and bristles). Handle length: 112 mm. Bristles width: 22 mm at handle end; and 55 mm at widest part of folded/curled end.

– Pot Brush. 80 mm total length (handle and bristles). Handle length: 56 mm. Diameter (spread) of bristles end: 60 – 65 mm (as new and unused).

Please note: as these products are made using natural materials, the dimensions may vary slightly.


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